It’s my turn

by The Oven

Since Baker and I got together seven years ago, I haven’t tried to hide our life together. I attend pride events, and say my piece if someone gets me on the topic of gay rights. When Prop 8 rolled around, I found myself being more bold in sharing my opinions, asking for votes, and trying to get people to understand me. I am very comfortable with my life, and how people perceive me, even if my little town is considered conservative, it’s still in California– it’s not that bad.

Now that we have a son, I feel like it is my responsibility to make sure that he knows that we are the type of people who stand up for what we believe. I feel strongly about this, so why do I have such a hard time following through?  I am never phased about talking about being part of a two-mom family (or being part of a two-lady couple before the baby)in the grocery store, or meeting new people, so why do I have such a hard time with my extended family?

You see, they are mostly Texans, mostly conservative, and mostly the type to “sweep things under the rug”. They all know about Baker and Spud, and have even sent the baby gifts, but don’t really acknowledge “the Situation”.  It sucks. When we sent out a pregnancy announcement card, I just didn’t send one to the people that I thought might have a problem with our family. Typical “bury my head in the sand”  response. They all found out about the baby through other channels (I knew they would, and was thankful I didn’t have to tell them), but it was my family’s own personal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell whisper campaign going on.

I can’t really sort out the particulars of how I am feeling, but I did do something today that is a step in the right direction. I posted this video on my facebook:

Watch it with some tissues. It made me cry, and made me resolve to be a better person every day, so that is what my son will see when he grows up. I feel bolstered by my bravery. I know it’s silly, but it’s huge for me.

I have completed our birth announcements, and I will be the first to tell you they are kick-ass.  They also say both my name and Baker’s name in huge print across the front.  And they will be sent to every one in my family. Our baby deserves that.

Oh- and about that video: two of my cousins re-posted it.


3 Comments to “It’s my turn”

  1. I watched this, sobbed and then posted it on my FB so others could cry too. 🙂
    Such an amazing example of love and true humanity. The note from that guy…oh my goodness. I was weeping like a baby. Give me hope for sure!

  2. Touching. There are tears in my eyes. (That takes a lot.)

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